The Crannóg Collective

"The shortest route between a stranger and a friend is a good story"

 Story, that is what it all boils down too. We are creatives behind it all, behind the need to make money, behind the need to find work, behind the need to make corporate films is a need and a desire to create stories. The Crannóg Collective is an idea we had to bring creatives together. When we are not making client work we want to use our time to tell stories and not just ours. We want to help creatives from all walks of life to tell their story. If you are an artist or an up and coming musician or maybe a film maker please get in touch maybe together we can tell a story.

Lifting the Gate

At this years Scene & Heard festival we produced a show of poetry and music with Ben MacCaoilte and She Bows. Ben is a spoken word artist whom we have work with previously on his debut poetry album Beyond the Apple Tree. She Bows are sisters Lily and Willow who play traditional a mix of traditional Irish and Spanish music. The show played two dates at the Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin.

Beyond the Apple Tree

Beyond the Apple Tree is another of our projects under the Crannóg Collective initiative. It was written during the first lockdown and subsequently recorded throughout various stages of the pandemic. ben wrote about the people who have most influenced his life. In Ben's own words "I began to meet these people again through words scribbled on scraps of used envelopes. The album was recorded between the orchards at Crannóg Media Studios, where Chris and I spent many hours through the seasons retelling these peoples stories."We are putting aside any monies earned from sales of the Cd for other projects that come to us through the Crannóg Collective.

Bloody Sunday 1920

Our first project under our Crannóg Collective initiative was with local playwright and poet Jack Matthews. He wrote a poem commemorating Bloody Sunday 1920 and wanted it to be filmed somehow. We put our heads together and with no budget we managed to get it done. Three creatives with a desire to make something. The film got over 50,000 views of Facebook and is our most successful film to date on our YouTube channel.