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We are a creative media partnership that specialise in commercial audio and visual productions based in Wexford in the South East of Ireland. We are the home of The HedgeRadio Podcast which is growing in popularity due to its unique storytelling style. We can develop,  produce,  shoot,  record  and  edit your video and/or audio so it tells your story in the most engaging way possible for your audience. We are however, more than just an audiovisual production company, we will be your creative partner that works with you to produce eye catching advertisements, corporate films, promotional videos, radio ads, podcasts and much much more. Would you like us to help you tell your story?

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Not sponsored by The Luftwaffe PART 2

In episode 2 of Not Sponsored by the Luftwaffe, we get up close and personal with retired Commandant Larry Scallan as he helps families re-remember the lost lives of their relatives who died in WWI. Ben is our guide as he tells how he heard Larry give a lecture and it jogged his memory about his great-granduncle from Castlecomer in Kilkenny, he reached out to Larry who pieced together the lost story of James Heffernan. Larry points to our new Irish Republic and the identity politics that tried to bury these stories and punish their families. Stay, have a listen.
More of Ben's poetry can be found here

La Buelga

A unique collaboration between musicians from Ireland and Spain exploring dance tunes and songs from parallel traditions. Recorded 11 - 16 July, 2022 at Enniscorthy's Presentation Arts Centre. The project was funded by The Arts Council Ireland. We were blown away by the talents of these 5 amazing musicians. Enjoy!


One we are really proud of.

Under Pressure 

During the Rathmullan Film Festival 2022 we took part in their 2 minute film challenge. The idea was using the prop 'a rock' and with only 48 hours from conception to final film, we had to come up with and make a short film. We stuck our heads together and in a mad dash against the deadline we finished and delivered -

 Under Pressure - a short film