There is no doubt that we are living through a time that will live long in our collective memories. This pandemic has highlighted some of the amazing things we do for each other when times get tough but it has also highlighted just how alone we can end up at our last hour.

The HedgeRadio Podcast has received a grant of €900 from the Irish Hospice Foundation's (IHF) Seed Grant scheme, a national initiative which aims to 'inspire and support creative responses to the themes of dying, death and bereavement during the Covid-19 pandemic.'

Our audio project is entitled Say It Feel It , the project will be hosted on a website  and will feature contributions from those who have been hit hardest by the coronavirus.


The idea is to give people time to express stories and memories that they might not have been able to when their loved ones passed - whether because they couldn't visit them or because of reduced numbers at funerals. Irish funerals are places of great comfort, the grief has to share space with fond memories, shared stories of humour and familiar warmth that all help the grieving family to mourn their loss. This pandemic has robbed people of that and we hope this project will help fill in some of that void.

We are also hoping to speak to those who are isolated because of Covid-19 and are having to contemplate death without their loved ones close to them. We would like greatly to speak to residents of long stay homes or nursing homes as they have suffered more than most during this awful pandemic. If you are someone or know someone who would like to have us record their story please do get in touch.